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The nearest international airport is Borispol (KBP). It is 30 km ( 100 miles ) from Kyiv center.

We have an English speaking employee and driver meet you at Borispol airport. Our employee will be waiting outside of customs with a sign that has your name on it. Our employee will take you directly to your apartment or hotel in Kyiv which is about a 30 minutes drive .

This is a great and comfortable service. After a long flight you will be tired and the airport is a very confusing place. Please contact us.

Borispol Airport is the largest and most modern airport in the whole country. The airport, located 38 km, or 24 miles, away from Kyiv, was considerably rebuilt in 2000. This operates mainly international flights, receiving regular flights of 31 foreign airlines. The airport services more than 6 thousands clients, operating about one hundred flights every day. The airport features currency exchange offices, duty-free shops, post office, left luggage, drug store and restaurants. The registration at Borispol Airport starts 2 hours and 30 minutes before the departure time and finishes 40 minutes before the flight. One should not miss the ticket registration, since the ticket can be sold to another person. Most domestic flights operate from Zhuliany Airport, which is located 11 km, or 7 miles, from the center of Kyiv. Domestic flights connect all the major cities of Ukraine, including Odessa, Lviv, Donetsk, Sevastopol and others. Note that air fares for foreigners for domestic flights are more expensive than for Ukrainian citizens.


Trains are one of the most popular means to travel between Ukrainian cities. It is much cheaper than air travel, and one of its advantages is that you can see the country "from within". Trunk railways link the capital of Ukraine to Russia, Poland, Hungary and to southern and western parts of the country as well. The railway station of Kyiv is located in center of Kyiv.

Trains offer three types of compartment for long-distance train trips: first class compartments with 2 berths, second class compartments with 4 berths and the so-called platskarta, a carriage with numbered reserved seats, with 6 berths. If you need more privacy and more comfort, it's advisable to buy tickets for the entire compartment and travel alone.

Commuter trains, the so called "elektrichki", are aimed at suburban trips. Such trains are less comfortable and are equipped with wooden benches. In summer commuter trips can be very overcrowded.

Public Conveyances

While in Kyiv Ukraine you can save on traveling using public transport. Buses, trolleybuses are as commonly used here as private cars. A passenger fare is 50 kopiykas (approx. $0.10) per ride. This fare is the same for buses and trolleybuses. One may buy tickets at a controller on the bus. Alternatively, if you stay for one month or longer you can buy a monthly pass and use it as many times as you wish. Such a pass will cost you about 40 hryvnias (8$). Today a large network of minibus services develops fast in Ukraine, especially if the matter concerns small cities like Kyiv. Minibuses are available in every corner of the city and can get you to your destination much quicker than common public conveyances. A passenger fare for minibus service is not fixed. It usually varies from 70 kopiykas to 1,5 hryvnia (approx. $0.14-0.30). Public transport in Ukraine operates from 6 a.m. till 1 a.m.


Like in any big city of the world, you can easily use a taxi in Kyiv. Taxi can be ordered by phone or right in the street. As a rule, official rate is about 1,4 hryvnia per kilometer. A good alternative to a taxi can be a private, non-metered car you can hail in the street. The ride will cost you less but it's better to negotiate the price beforehand, as many drivers do not speak English at all. To hail a car one should put out one's hand and flag down a car.

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